royale play special effects

Being spoilt for choice can be a good thing and Royale Play will do just that. This water-based special effects paint offers one of the largest variety of effects for interior walls to choose from.


Similar to a torrential downpour, this texture adds elegance to your room with a subtle, understated finish.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion sombre moon 7988
Topcoat1: royale play special effects night edition 7429
Topcoat2: royale play special effects camp fire X114


Liven up your interiors with this bubbly and youthful texture.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion honey mustard 7880
Topcoat: royale play special effects crimson depth X123


Bring in a touch of the sea and natural beauty with this soothing pattern.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion poetry 5219
Topcoat: royale play special effects centre stage 8045


Much like the flow of a river, create an ambience of calmness with this warm and layered texture.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion mango 7909
Topcoat: royale play special effects glowing rust X112


Created using regular household tissue paper, this effect brings to life a unique designer wall. Choose from its rich palette and virtually transform the wall into a striking textured pattern.

Basecoat: royale luxury emulsion gold mine 7885
Topcoat: royale play special effects meadow path 7541


special effects

special effects

Different types of special effects such as crinkle, dapple, weaving, canvas, spatula, colourwash, ragging, sponging, combing, and brushing can be created using a variety of tools.

easy application

Easy application

This product has been specifically formulated such that it is easy to apply, allows the tools to move smoothly without much effort, retaining the pattern left by the tool that created it.



It has a soft sheen that lends elegance and style to a surface.

co-polymer, emulsion based, environment friendly

co-polymer, emulsion based, environment friendly

Asian Paints Royale Play is a co-polymer emulsion based paint for interior application. It will not run or sag on vertical surfaces. It is abrasion resistant, translucent, odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable and completely health and environment friendly.


What do you mean by “royale play is a translucent paint”?

Royale Play is a translucent paint, meaning you can see two shades at the same time, giving a two-tone finish. We use a two coat system, base coat of Royale and top coat of Royale Play.

is royale play special effects water-based or solvent-based?

Royale Play Special Effects is a water-based paint.

what is the coverage of royale play special effects?

On smooth well-prepared surface by rolling followed by use of Special Effect Tools, the coverage of Royale Play Special Effects is 100 – 175 square feet per litre for 1 coat. However, actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness and porosity.