Baby & Kids Decor


Inspire a sense of fun and creativity in your little one with kids wall decor and accessories. Not only do these whimsical modern accents add the finishing touch to a nursery or playroom, they also round out the theme of birthday bashes, slumber parties and other gatherings with friends. Do they have a vivacious personality that would be best complemented by bright colors and eye-catching patterns? Adorn their walls with wallpaper or wall art. For a different approach, consider placing two or three decorative accents on their bookshelves instead. In any case, adding a practical touch with curtain panels, mirrors and throw pillows still enhances the space’s style. Plus, explore tween decor and accessories that highlight older kids’ interests and personalities. Need more kids’ decor and accessories ideas? Read on for inspiration.

Wallpaper and Wall Art: Has your little one recently made the transition from toddler nursery to big kid bedroom? Complement their room’s new look with covered walls. For families who want to go all out, consider removable wallpaper. Why? It’s easy to take down or reposition and it completely transforms the look of the entire space. Think cute polka dots, rainbows and speckles in an airy room, or scales, planets and animals to stay on-theme. Alternatively, wall decals achieve the same effect. If your child is old enough, let them decide where each stick-on piece goes. Maintain subtlety with smaller icons such as clouds and circles, or make more of an impact with murals that features images of the underwater world, maps and constellations. Is time efficiency your goal when decorating the walls? Hang wall art or growth charts around the room instead.

Decorative Accents: Still looking for ways to spruce up your child’s vertical space? Consider this collection of decorative accents. Wreaths and garlands are a charming way to give their room a playful touch. Think ones made of bows and felt pom poms to achieve a burst of color, or wood if you prefer a more traditional look. If your kids are aspiring artists, add to the display with wall art clips. Not only do they show off your little ones’ artistic side, they also keep photos of friends and family nearby. Alternatively, two or three picture frames on their floating shelves perform the same function. For parents trying to keep their kids on schedule, consider affixing a wall clock above the twin bed. Or, take a different approach by placing an alarm clock on the nearby nightstand. Either way, popular characters and interesting designs enhance the aesthetic of the bedroom. Decorative accents are functional, too. For instance, a pair of bookends and a drawer organizer help keep children on task when completing homework, while a piggy bank teaches them the value of saving money.

Curtains and Hardware: Want to enhance your little one’s window to the world? Find curtain panels and hardware that speak to their tastes. Is their bedroom bright and breezy? Go with a pair of sheer curtain panels that let the light shine through. Subtle ruffles add an enticing touch, while modest embroidery catches the eye. Either way, the panels are easy to open and close when attached to a coordinating rod. For kids who prefer more filtered light, consider blackout panels instead. Not only do they completely block the sun during a midday nap, they also feature fun patterns and colors. Think bold hues of blue, green and pink to make a statement, or add more pizzazz with clouds, stars and zigzags. Don’t forget to hang a liner behind the curtain panels as well.

Throw Pillows: Help your child get the most out of the occasional lazy day by piling a handful of decorative pillows on their twin bed. Does your little one like bedding with texture? Consider mixing and matching materials. Think a solid velvet pillow cover for softness, or make more of an impact with embroidery and stitching. Either way, a down-alternative insert is an environmentally-friendly option that benefits the entire family. For kids who have dreams of going pro, hit a homerun by adding pillows that resemble sports balls to their space—baseball, basketball and soccer included. Another take: throw pillows that resemble animals. Those that live on the farm, under the water or in the forest are ideal for kids who love all things cute and furry. For a more traditional approach, stick with stars, cars and ombre patterns.

Mirrors: Working with limited space in their bedroom? Make the room appear bigger by hanging a mirror from the wall. Think one that’s framed for a classic look, or tap into their adventurous spirit with others that come in interesting shapes, such as stars and scrolls. For little ones who prefer a hint of glam, use a mirror that features an eye-catching shape, or stick with what you know with circles, squares and rectangles. Looking to add even more oomph? Take a whimsical approach with a floral border. Not only does this add texture, it also gives the mirror more dimension

Party Decorations: Planning a big bash? Browse these party decorations to enhance everyone’s fun. If you child has a birthday coming up, ask for their assistance with the planning. For instance, a child who loves baking will enjoy lending a hand with dessert. Just keep a cupcake kit nearby, using the included foil cups and toppers to add a little something extra to the table before their friends filter in. Would your little one rather decorate? Have them help with the table decor. Think individual place settings with disposable cups and napkins—encouraging everyone to eat off melamine plates and bowls that are ideal for smaller hands. Round out the theme with garland that hangs from the walls and banisters, then add balloons for classic birthday fun. Before each person heads home, provide them with a goody bag that’s filled with on-theme toys, including animal ears and sparkling wands.